Variation Electric Company Private Limited

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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About Us

Variation Electric Company Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for its quality system and design. The company has been established in 1982 with a very small unit with a view of providing customer satisfaction through our R&D. Our dedicated team of engineers always endeavors to develop a motor of any application. Our product is known by our brand name ABRON.

ABRON has a comprehensive range of P.M.D.C. MOTORS, SOLID YOKE D.C. MOTORS, P.M.D.C. GEARED MOTORS, BATTERY OPERATED D.C. MOTORS , A.C. SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS, D.C. DRIVES & DIMMERS and many more to come with our ever increasing manufacturing capacity.

We are constantly upgrading our products & manufacturing capacity to meet the demands of new customers. Our world class manufacturing facilities, expertise in design & product engineering enable us to build motors which offer an exceptional value of proposition which is unparalleled in realms of current market.

You can contact us if u need a cost effective custom designed DC MOTORS for a new product or want to upgrade from an existing source .At “Abron”, we are dedicated to do seamless business with our customers & building corporate relationships which enhance your competitive edge.